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We are a technology company focused on Marketing and Advertising via
Digital Media

Our Mission

In today's technology and social media driven market, success depends on a strong marketing campaign across all modern media formats. Vyke Media provides it's clients with strategies directed at today's ever-changing, tech driven world, to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns reaching larger audiences while maintaining smaller budgets compared to traditional campaign strategies.

our services

Our Services

We employ a wide range of disciplines to provide a well-rounded strategy including: website design and development, graphics design, social media, ecommerce, television and web advertising, internet consulting, campaign tracking and analytics, application development and integrations, and anything else that moves the sales curve in the right direction.

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Our Support

Our services are available a la carte or on retainer. Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and needs. We would love to hear from you.

Please contact us directly at info@vykemedia.com or via our online contact form.

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About Us

Vyke Media is a company focused on digital marketing and advertising. We specialize in online strategy and social media with a suite of services directed at business development through technology. Please contact us with questions. Thank you for visiting!

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